SQAS service group

The SQAS Service Group of chemical companies that actively support and use the SQAS System, provides the financial resources and management structure for its successful operation.

Chemical companies that are member of this Service Group obtain the following services:

The membership fee is dependent on the size of the company. For further information on this Service Group, please contact Victor Trapani (vtr@cefic.be / telephone: +32 2 676 73 85).

Companyname Contactperson E-mail
Afton Chemical SPRL Verstraelen Tim tim.verstraelen@aftonchemical.com
AnQore BV Kehrens Peter peter.kehrens@anqore.com
Arkema Trouillet Caroline caroline.trouillet@arkema.com
Ashland Inc. van der Zwalm Marco mvanderzwalm@ashland.com
BASF SE Bruss Gerhard gerhard.bruss@basf.com
Bayer AG Kessler Michael michael.kessler@bayer.com
BOREALIS POLYMERS Roed Jan jan.roed@borealisgroup.com
BP Carlos Pérez carlos.perez@bp.com
Clariant International Ltd. Badri Arastoo arastoo.badri@clariant.com
CORTEVA International Bluntzer Catherine catherine.bluntzer@corteva.com
Covestro Schopmeier Oliver oliver.schopmeier@covestro.com
CPChem Van Doren, K. vandok@cpchem.com
DOW Europe Neumann Eugen eneumann@dow.com
DSM Van Tulden Wim wim.tulden-van@dsm.com
Eastman Chemical B.V. Mastenbroek André mastenbroek@eastman.com
ERCROS Arce Montaner, F.M. marce@ercros.es
Evonik Schmidkunz Robert robert.schmidkunz@evonik.com
ExxonMobil Rubens Wim wim.rubens@exxonmobil.com
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd Knobloch Peter peter.knobloch.pk1@roche.com
Huntsman Holland BV Wittekoek Johan johan_wittekoek@huntsman.com
Infineum Schmitt Leon leon.schmitt@infineum.com
INOVYN Degeest Alex alex.degeest@ineos.com
Lanxess Switzerland GmbH Hermes Birgit birgit.hermes@lanxess.com
LyondellBasell Industries Van der Boom Hugo hugo.van.der.boom@lyondellbasell.com
Methanex Europe Malo Valbona vmalo@methanex.com
Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd Plummer Alex alex.plummer@lucite.com
Nynas AB Van Hoof Rogier rogier.vanhoof@nynas.com
Repsol Quimica Henche Ramirez Jose Luis jlhencher@repsol.com
SABIC Beddegenoodts Steven steven.beddegenoodts@sabic.com
Shell Chemicals Vermeulen Christophe christophe.vermeulen@shell.com
Solvay Delzenne Alain alain.delzenne@solvay.com
Syngenta Ltd Martin Moser martin.moser@syngenta.com
Tessenderlo Chemie NV Peeters Joeri joeri.peeters@tessenderlo.com
TotalEnergies Steenkamp Wim wim.steenkamp@total.com
Versalis Atzei Fabio Giovanni fabio.giovanni.atzei@versalis.eni.com
Wacker Chemie AG Oberlechner Josef josef.oberlechner@wacker.com


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