Federations and Associations

European Federations and Associations whose members are involved in chemicals transport, cleaning, warehousing and distribution of chemical products are also eligible to become associate members upon approval of the executive committee.

Associate members have the right to:

Federation / Association Contactperson E-mail Type
A.N.L.I.C. (ES - Tank Cleaning Association) Cid Josep jcid@lavaderoseuropa.com Tank Cleaning
ALCI (IT - Tank Cleaning Association) Piadelli Aurelia board@alci.it Tank Cleaning
APLICA (FR - Tank Cleaning Association) Robin, S. info@aplica.asso.fr Tank Cleaning
Association of the Hungarian Tank Cleaners (HU - Tank Cleaning Association) Varnai György tartaly.hu@gmail.com Tank Cleaning
ATCN (NL - Tank Cleaning Association) Jonkers Peter pjonkers@tln.nl Tank Cleaning
CACS (CZ - Tank Cleaning Association) Tomek Josef tomek@awt.eu Tank Cleaning
CBA Newport, P. peter.newport@chemical.org.uk Chemical Association
CTC (BE - Tank Cleaning Association) De Maegt Isabelle info@ctc-belgium.be Tank Cleaning
DVTI e.V. (DE - Tank Cleaning Association) Effern Gisela g.effern@dvti.de Tank Cleaning
ECTA Evert de Jong evert.dejong@ecta.com Transport
EFTCO Seliaerts Erwig erwig.seliaerts@cotac-group.com Tank Cleaning
Febetra (BE - Tank Cleaning Association) De Maegt, Isabelle isabelle.de.maegt@febetra.be Tank Cleaning
FECC Gerhard Ahlbrecht gah@fecc.org Distributors
NRTCA (UK - Tank Cleaning Association) Garnett Colin colin.garnett@isotank.uk Tank Cleaning
RCU-Russian Chemists Union (RU - Chemical Association) Sinyakov Yevgeni yevgeny.sinyakov@bbsafety.ru Chemical Association
TruckWash ApS (DK - Tank Cleaning Association) Erritzøe Charlotte charlotte@fgaard.dk Tank Cleaning

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