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SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) is a system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistics Service Providers and Chemical Distributors in a uniform manner by single standardised assessments carried out by independent assessors using a standard questionnaire.

An SQAS assessment does not lead to a certificate but offers a detailed factual report which each chemical company needs to evaluate according to its own requirements.

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01-04-2016 - Revised version SQAS 2015 Core Questionnaire:

A revised version of the SQAS 2015 Core Questionnaire was developed; four new questions were added in the areas of labour policy, human rights and environment. Cefic and TfS (Together for Sustainability) agreed these changes to reduce duplication of assessments in the logistics sector. The new SQAS 2015 Core questionnaire can be found in the section Download/Download questionnaires/SQAS Core – Questionnaires and Guidelines (2015). The new questions are highlighted in yellow.

As from 1/4/16 the revised version of the SQAS 2015 Core Questionnaire will be used in all SQAS assessments. The other SQAS questionnaires: Transport Service, Tank Cleaning, Warehouse and Rail remain unchanged